Return & Refund Policy
You can return any unopened product (you must return the product re-sellable condition, in order to exchange or replace), except perishable products like cakes,sweets, chocolates or any other product, with limited shelf life in its original packaging or original condition as applicable to replaces damaged or defective items within 48 hours of delivery if the items are properly send back to us.
In case of incorrect shipping address provided by the customer or the recipient is unreachable over phone or no one is available during delivery time. in such cases the order will be assumed as executed & no refund will be made.
Please indicate the reason for returning the product in a short note put the product and the note with the Order Number into a secure package and send it through a reliable courier or mail it to our Bangladesh office within 48 hours. We will exchange the the product. Please note that we will provide a refund facility only for products bought from our web store. Products should be returned for exchange/replcement within 72 hours after you have received them.
If a product quality is in question, we will contact the product supplier and organize replacement.
Refund will be send to the credit card or the bank account that you have paid from. Refund amount will not be given / delivered to the recipient.
Products such as flower bouquet, cake design can vary from advertised design on our site due to different season in Bangladesh, different or new chef in a bakery etc. Such products will not be subject to refund as long it is almost similar to the advertised product.
You will receive full refund if we are unable to deliver your order on your selected date.
NO EXCEPTION for any gift item.